Millions of girls in India miss school often due to lack of feminine hygiene products. With YOUR help, we ‘re changing that.

Give a helping hand to those Who need it !

  • What if your teenage daughter had to use Newspapers for a sanitary pad?
  • How would you feel if you are forced to use old rags instead of a fresh tampon?
  • What if our children had to skip school due to lack of feminine hygiene products fearing a ‘mishap’?

Having your periods should never be a reason for missing school, yet it’s a traumatic reality thousands of Indian schoolgirls face. With only 17% of the girls having access to hygiene products, many end up staying home during their monthly cycles. Rampant absenteeism and unhealthy menstrual practices impact their physical and mental health permanently.

Together, we can bring change . .

At Pennies4Pads we help India’s girls stay in school. We provide them products needed to protect their periods and make ‘those’ days comfortable so that they can stay in school and build a better future.

We’re writing a new reality with YOUR help.

We give them
Period Protection…

At Pennies4Pads we strive to address the issue of lack of access to feminine hygiene products amongst schoolgirls in rural India.

We distribute FREE sanitary pads in schools, funded by donations collected through this website. We have created a channelized Production and Distribution network of eco friendly, low-cost sanitary pads.

Correlation between availability of pads and better school attendance has clearly been established.

Our Vision is to distribute 3 Million Pads every year, bringing comfort and dignity to 25000 girls.

Pennies4Pads takes pride in creating a better future, one sanitary pad at a time.

Join Hands with Us

Your Small Change will make a Big Change in her life…

Your simple act of kindness will provide much comfort to these young women. Your modest contribution will make a lasting impact on a life 10000 miles away! Your donation supports the creation and distribution of sanitary products that build girls’ dignity and confidence to participate in school and life fully.

Thanks for your generosity – for your contribution as well as for visiting us today.