What is Pennies4Pads?

Pennies4Pads (P4P) is a Texas, USA based Non-Profit involved in Community Services in ... India. P4P distributes FREE feminine hygiene products to high school girls who have no access to such products for their period protection. The goal is to provide comfort for these kids during their monthly cycles and reduce school absenteeism due to this issue, a real problem in developing nations.

Where the funds come from?

Funds are received from individual donors like you and community minded organizations. ... Funds are collected from all over the world and channelized to India where employees closely monitor how they are deployed. Less than 20% of the funds is spent on Administrative overheads.

Do the girls get paid cash?
How does it work?


No person is paid cash. Girls are given FREE sanitary pads / hygiene products at the beginning of every month, ...an activity monitored by the students themselves. Emergency supplies are kept in the school premises for easy access.

Does my donation qualify for tax write off?

YES. Pennies4Pads is registered as a Non-Profit in the USA. All the IRS benefits are applicable to the ... donations made to Pennies4Pads.

Will my information be kept confidential?

YES, ABSOLUTELY. We will NOT share or store or sell your information to anyone. We will never send SPAM emails or soliciting ...mails. You can even make Anonymous donations through our Payment gateway. Contact us for any queries / information and we will respond immediately.